UKLF Predator League 2020

In association with Major Craft UK


Important:  >>> View ID card to download or print <<<


Rules & How to enter​:


  • Our Predator league allows anglers to fish at their leisure, without attending any specific venues at any given times.

  • The competition involves anglers submitting a photo of their catch, showing the total length of their fish.

  • When entrants head out to the water, they need to bring with them a measuring tape, that must be specifically designed for the use in fishing competitions, their ID card and a camera or mobile phone to take a photo of their catch laid flat on the measure. The angler will then need to upload any catches that they wish to submit to our Facebook page, these will then be checked over prior to being uploaded to the league table below.

  • One fish per species can be listed on the league table for each angler, though if you submit a longer fish than a previous catch, that will be repalced.

  • Each species of fish must be measured in centimeters 1cm = 1point.

  • Pair up with another angler to enter the team event.

  • At the end of the competition the angler with the highest combined points will be crowned the UKLF Predator League Champion 2020.

How to enter:

  • To enter is FREE!

  • Read the rules below, then "like" and post a photo or video of your catch to

  • Once you have posted your catch we will review your entry and if successful, you will be entered into the competition and your name and team (normally your sponsor) will be added to the leader board on the next update. Alternatively you can message us and we'll add your name to the board.

  • Feel free to let us know of any sponsors that you may have.

  • What happens if I catch a longer fish but already have 1 listed? Your longest fish submitted will replace any of a lower length.



Any new rules are highlighted:

  1. The competition starts on 1st February 2020 00:01 and ends 14th March 2021 23:59.

  2. Teams are limited to a maximum of 2 anglers and must have the same team name.

  3. The introduction of ID cards which you will now require to display in any photo submitted.  These MUST be shown in any photos submitted. (the link to download the image is at the top of the page) Please print your ID card no smaller than 6 x 4 inches and write or print your name in the white area.

  4. Entries to the competition must be between the above dates to qualify.

  5. There is no minimum fish size.

  6. All fish entered into the competition must be within 30 days of the original capture date.

  7. All fish entered into the competition must have been caught in the U.K by artificial fly or lure.

  8. Only fish caught by the mouth can be entered.

  9. A photo of good quality must be submitted of your catch with a visible measure along the full length of the fish in centimeters, with the head of the fish touching the "zero" with your ID card also clearly visible. If possible try to get the lure that the fish was caught on in the photo.

  10. Measuring tapes must be laid flat.

  11. Measuring tapes used must be specifically designed for the use in fishing competitions.

  12. The use of measuring tapes printed on unhooking mats is not allowed, however you can lay a measure on top of a unhooking mat.

  13. The measurement recorded is the total length, from the nose to the tip of the tail (see diagram below).

  14. Squeezing of the caudal fin to gain maximum length is allowed.

  15. Fish that measure between centimetre increments shall be recorded at the lower of the two increments. For example, a fish that measures between 45 and 46 centimetres will have a recorded length of 45 centimetres.

  16. Please submit any fish to be entered to:, along with relevant information including length in cm.

  17. The Judges decision is final.